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Monday, September 24, 2012

September 24th, 2012

Lafayette Art and Wine Festival - Sept 16, 2012

Lafayette Art & Wine Festival - Sept 16, 2012

Hello Friends!!  The show at the Lafayette Art & Wine festival was awesome!  We had an amazing time and really enjoyed the experience.  The day was beautiful and we couldn't ask for a better turnout!  

The day began with the band meeting at the Festival at 8am.  Don and Steve set-up their instruments, set-up the banner and started to "get in the mood" for the performance at 10:30.  Paul, Barb and Deb  came along and we continued to load in.  It was awfully nice not having to lug all of the sound equipment in.  The sound was professionally handled, so we could focus on getting comfortable.  Claudette came and we all went to get some coffee at a local coffee house.  Sitting together, before the show, we focused on why we were there, why we were doing this and how to give the audience a great show.   As the time drew near for us to go on, the nerves ramped up, but its funny, once you are up on stage, the nerves seem to fade away and you settle into your zone.  I know that sounds weird, but, it happens.  Probably like what a runner feels when they get the endorphin rush (although I have never felt that before!! :)  You just kind of get a zen feeling and you fall back on the hours and hours of practice you have been putting in and it all falls into place.

We went on at 10:30, opened with "The Chain" and moved into "Dreams".  Then RedHouse came up and presented a check to the Lafayette Chamber of Commerce for funds raised at the Covers Cup Competition.  What a great cause!
We also received our trophies for winning the Covers Cup and then proceeded to rock the house with classic Fleetwood Mac tunes!  You know, it is kind of funny the way things happen.  Paul and Don were researching places for the band to shoot our promo video.  We met out at RedHouse in Walnut Creek to see the facilities and get the details on cost, stage, etc.  While there, we met the management team and were discussing details, when they mentioned if we had heard of their Classic Covers Cup competition.  Both of us looked at each other and said, :no...what is it?"  They proceeded to tell us about the competition and it sounded good.  Paul sent a link to our video of Gold Dust woman from the Englander gig (our first show) and said we would be interested if they liked us.  They did....we entered....we played.....we won!  Then the Lafayette Art and Wine festival gig came from that!  Not to get to philosophical here but....things somehow seem to fall into place when they are meant to be......OK enough of that!  

Our good friend Karen Alvarez from Pretending and Tribute Video shot some video of the LA&W performance.  CHECK THIS OUT!

It was a great time and the band had so much fun performing!!    Thanks to ALL who came out and supported us!!  We are having a great time with this little adventure!!

We invite our fans to also sign up for our new newsletter....Follow the Mask!  We will be sending this out about every three-four weeks to keep our fans updated on the happenings with the Mask.  There will be links to our blog posts so sign up and don't miss a thing!!

And Remember..."Don't Stop thinking about tomorrow!"

Peace - Fleetwood Mask

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fleetwood Mask has been BUSY these past few weeks!  After winning the 2012 Classic Covers Cup at RedHouse a couple of weeks ago, we secured a spot at the Lafayette Art and Wine Festival on Sunday, Sept. 16 at 10:30am!  The band is very excited about this opportunity!

NEWSFLASH!....We have a new website!! is now up and running! Come check us out....lots of fun information, photos, music, videos, etc.  Also, plan your next trip to see Fleetwood Mask Live!  by visiting our Calendar page.

Our next show is this Friday, Sept 14th at the Dublin Sports Bar and Grill.  Opening the evening will be local favorites Rundown Radio!  Doors open at 8pm, $5 cover charge.

We wish to thank all of our fans who have been supporting us on this adventure!  We are living a dream and glad you are coming along with us!!

Claudette, Paul, Steve, Barb, Don and Deb