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Monday, May 6, 2019

"The Only Thing Constant is Change" - Heraclitus

No truer words have ever been spoken.  As we move through life, situations change, we lose old friends and gain new friends,  we move where we live, we lose loved ones and new babies are born.  It is the cycle of life and it definitely has a rhythm.  

It is no different in a band.  And it is no different in Fleetwood Mask.  

As many of you may know, Mark Blasquez (Our Lindsey Buckingham) has decided to leave Fleetwood Mask.  He has been in the band for four years and has been integral in helping to transform Fleetwood Mask into a National Touring Band.  The task of commuting to and from Southern California to the Bay Area and beyond has taken its toll on Mark and he has decided to make an adjustment.   

Interstate 5 can humble the most seasoned commuter and add a 5 hour performance (set-up/performance/tear down) at the end of this⇾⇾⇾⇾⇾⇾
and you start to understand why Mark has decided to adjust his lifestyle!!

As hard as it is to lose Mark and his leadership, sense of humor and talent, this change opens new opportunities for both Mark and Fleetwood Mask.  Paul, Barb, Claudette, Jason and I will miss Mark immensely, but are happy for him and look forward to the next chapter in the band's development. 

We are currently auditioning new guitarists' to assume the Lindsey role and are happy with our progress.  We are taking our time to ensure we have the "right" individual to fill this critical position in the band.  Of course the music is amazing and we are honored to be paying tribute to Fleetwood Mac and it is in that spirit that we must find the "perfect" fit.  Much of the magic of a Fleetwood Mask show is the camaraderie that the band has on stage and projects to the audience.  This has been and will continue to be our main focus so that we can continue to be the "Ultimate Tribute to Fleetwood Mac" and worthy of our fans admiration and devotion!

Mark's final performance with Fleetwood Mask will be Saturday, July 13th at the Woodland Opera House in Woodland, CA.  

This is a great location to see a Fleetwood Mask show and it is sure to be an amazing evening!  Mark is going to create the set-list for the show and I am sure there will be plenty of surprises!

Please come on out to Woodland Opera House and join us for a great evening of music, memories and fun.

Tickets on sale NOW!  Click on this TICKETS link to get your seats!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Imitation, flattery… and Going Your Own Way

If you’re going to do something, do it well… and leave something witchy - Charles Manson

If your going to do a tribute, remember that you’re still you, but you now have the responsibility of taking people back to a place that they cherish and remember (sometimes with surprising degrees of reverence and emotion). I am not Lindsey Buckingham. My music sounds nothing like Fleetwood Mac. But consider myself very fortunate to have found this group of musicians and relish every time I get to get up and play these amazing songs.

As the newest member of Fleetwood Mask (and perpetual “FNG”) I can still clearly see the starting point of this journey in the rear view mirror. For an original musician (such as myself), the thought of joining a tribute band can be foreign and more than a little intimidating. I can play the guitar, sure. Sing? Meh, a bit. But play the guitar and sing like Lindsey Buckingham?! That is scary. This was really going to challenge me but in a way that I found attractive. I’ve never looked back. I’ve never had more fun. I’ve never regretted my choice, even for a minute.

He that loves to be flattered is worthy of the flatterer - William Shakespeare 

Sometimes people will pay you great compliments. The trigger is often a simple matter of giving them what they were hoping for, and that’s what Fleetwood Mask tries to do. It’s not hard, if you know how to shut up and listen. The world is always telling you something. We get it. We’re fans too. We try to put on the kind of show that, as a fan, we would like to see, but in a venue that’s just a little more personal, almost private. 

Small secret - from the stage we can still hear you talking. Shhhh… we won’t tell anyone.

We want to thank you for all your kind words. Night after night we give it all we’ve got. Fingers bleed, voices get taxed, drumsticks break, and we’re loving every minute of it. A lot of blood sweat and tears have gone into this project and we are forever thankful for the love and support we’ve received and the ever growing circle of wonderful people we’ve met and befriended along the way.

Make it so - Capt. Jean-Luc Picard

Still, in the end, when it’s time to rock, rock we must. Beyond all the rehearsals, costumes, custom equipment and stage props, we are a band, and when the curtain goes up, it’s just us doing what we love. From there on, there’s no thinking, we just do it the best we can. 

I thoroughly enjoy every time Don and I get to fool around on World Turning. That’s not Mick and Lindsey, that’s Mark and Don. That’s real, improvised, jam-session style playing. Yeah, we do that too. We love the mighty Mac, but we’re not them. We’re us, and being us is a lot damn fun!
See you out there! - Mark Blasquez / Lindsey Buckingham in Fleetwood Mask.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Man at the Back of the Mask

It’s dark and the crowd is humming, the pre show music is playing, the Mask is ready……I step out from behind the stage and proceed to my office for the next two hours.  Excitement runs through my veins as I get settled into my throne, hook up my in ear monitors and grab a pair of sticks.


I begin the steady kick drum beat for the beginning of the classic Fleetwood Mac tune, The Chain.  Like a thumping heart, the beat rhythmically keeps pace and I stroke the chimes which add their mystical ringing to the sounds emanating from the stage….the guitar kicks in and adds its raw power to the sound and then the vocals start…CLASSIC MAC!

I have been “Behind the Mask” for over three years now and I never get tired of playing Fleetwood Mac’s incredible music.  Mick Fleetwood has laid down some of the most interesting drum beats to the most popular music in rock history.  And I get the privilege of recreating his drum techniques and style (with a little Don thrown in here and there) every time Fleetwood Mask takes the stage.

Being behind the band gives me a unique perspective to what is happening in the crowd, on the stage and behind my drum kit.  I SEE EVERYTHING!!  That experience is nothing short of spectacular and I love seeing the crowd get into the music, singing along with the songs they know by heart…perhaps remembering the first time they heard Rhiannon, listening to Dreams on their turntable (remember those relics of a different age?), dancing to Monday Morning, or getting up the courage to tell a boyfriend or girlfriend to “Go Your Own Way”!

Fleetwood Mac’s music is both timeless and wonderful.  The sign of great music is that it endures the test of time and sounds just as fresh as the day it was released.  Think of the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, the list goes on and on…and Fleetwood Mac owns the 8th bestselling album of ALL time, 34.0 million copies sold worldwide…RUMOURS, Amazing music by amazingly talented musicians.

Hope to see you at a MASK show soon….I will be looking for you from behind the drum kit….BEHIND THE MASK!!

Don aka Mick

Monday, June 22, 2015

It has been said that Stevie Nicks is the Queen of Rock, a“ White Witch” and a true Gypsy . Having met her I would say that in her “spell-binding  presence” all of those statements, in their best possible light, would be true.

But what does it MEAN to play the character of this Rock and Roll High Priestess? A voice that is known by no other.  Let’s start with the voice, shall we? I have always been a singer with a QUICK vibrato… always. Quick vibrato and a strong set of pipes.  I have been told by many that I have always sounded like Stevie.  So the vocal part was truly a gift bestowed on me. But the iconic fairy has a wardrobe most women would die for.. and I am no exception!  A lot of my shawls that I have are reproductions of what Stevie wears on stage…the glittery chiffon and silk fringe tassels  that sparkle with every given movement.. the platform suede boots that would make any chiropractor cringe, the layers of silk  chiffon skirts, beaded bustier’s  and elegant tuxedo coats would spark  any bohemian’s attention. The wardrobe part has been  enlightening, to say the least,  and I have been blessed with some amazing designers who take the words “ pays attention to detail” on a whole other level! So the costuming in itself has always set Stevie apart..never following the trends of fashion, but by being a fashion trend setter! Never losing sight of who she was, is, and will continue to become..her clothing, really,   hasn’t changed!
 But there is  more to “playing the character of Stevie” than dressing up in the costuming and singing the songs…how do you capture the ESSENCE??? How do you convince your audience that for a moment in time what  they are seeing and hearing could truly be the real Ms. Nicks?  What I have found playing this honored role is learning why Ms. Nicks wrote the songs she did and what was she FEELING at the time those songs were written. Landslide….Gypsy…Gold Dust Woman..all of them have a fascinating story behind them. By learning the background to these songs,  I personally found myself in a realm unbeknownst to me. I have had women who were mystics, mediums and psychics, who have come up to me and asked “ How do you CHANNEL her??” Another gift, I suppose, but at the same time one of the BEST compliments I ever received! Once I know that the audience has been swept by the enchantment of her music and the haunt of the  voice, I  know that I have done for my audience what Ms. Nicks does for hers…and that, my dear Gypsies, makes this all worthwhile!
Thank you Ms. Nicks for all the music you have given to us to share with the world…for those who hurt, cry, laugh and love…to you …and to the Gypsies…that Remain…I share with you her world…